Oddly, there is still NOTHING about this on the new wires an hour after we broke this story…you go MSM! Here’s what we know: Philadelphian Laurel Katz, aka The Voice Of Phawker, was supposed to have lunch today at the White House. (Hey, on any given day, somebody from the Phawker masthead is probably having lunch at the White House — that’s just how we roll.) However, when Katz arrived today she was told by the Secret Service that there had been a security breach of the White House perimeter. Reportedly a man climbed over the White House fence and threw an unidentified object at the direction of the Oval Office prompting the evacuation. DEVELOPING…

UPDATE: WHITE HOUSE (AP) — A suspicious package at the White House has now been destroyed with a water cannon. A Secret Service spokesman says the destroyed package didn’t contain any dangerous items. Officials say the package was carried by a 66-year-old man who scaled a fence and was taken into custody.The incident prompted a security lockdown on the White House compound for more than three hours. The Secret Service spokesman says a man identified as Catalino Lucas Diaz, possibly of Florida, is in custody pending charges. The area along Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House, was locked down from 11:10 a-m Eastern time until 2:30 p-m. Members of the media and White House staffers in the area weren’t allowed to leave. The regular White House briefing was delayed for three hours until the area could be secured.

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