HIZZONER ’07: Rivals Move To Crunch Brady’s Bunch

BY DAVE DAVIES Six voters associated with Democratic mayoral candidate Tom Knox filed a legal challenge to rival candidate U.S. Rep. Bob Brady late yesterday, charging that Brady failed to disclose his city pension and other financial interests when he filed to run. Another rival, state Rep. Dwight Evans, said last night he’ll file his own challenge to Brady’s candidacy today, noting that Brady’s failure to disclose his city pension is exactly the kind of omission that’s been used to strike other candidates from the ballot in past elections.

“Brady is running for the highest office in Philadelphia,” Evans said in an interview last night. “If you can’t meet the basics of following the law, how do you run the city?”brady.gif

The Brady campaign acknowledged last week that his failure to list his city pension on a required statement of financial interests may have been a mistake, and he filed an amended form Friday, which included the pension as income.

A few days before Brady failed to disclose the pension, he publicly endorsed a City Council bill that would potentially increase benefits for city pensioners, including himself. Brady is a former Council sergeant at arms.

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