HIZZONER ’07: Who Bum Rushed The Show?

It seems that page after page of Milton Street’s petitions are in what looks like exactly the sameflav.jpg handwriting. Could this mean that the mayoral brother’s circle of acquaintances includes people who share a unique penmanship style? Or could it be that they were…like…phony? Apparently the officials in the elections office have spent much of the past half-hour guffawing over the documents. More importantly as far as the election goes, judges have a tendency to frown upon such sorts of petitions–such as those submitted in 2004 by presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who was soon bounced from the ballot.

MAYORPALOOZA: You Can Almost Imagine Him Turning Around And Suing The City For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Incurred While Making A Mockery Of The Electoral Process

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