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SWEATLOAF: Plastic Little/Sweatheart, ICA, Last Night

evacartoon.jpgFROM: Eva Liao
TO: Me
RE: “sex = babies = poverty” says Sweatheart
11:24 pm (23 minutes ago)

yo boss. pictures are up! the show was dry as a desert. had there been booze involved a show at the ICA would have been off the hook (i know… i say that about everything). but after a while the crowd filtered out, along with their attention spans.

Either way, P. Little was more boring than meh… but SWEAT HEART is where its it’s at! They’re the shirtless, striped tights, wig wearing, prom dress group shown in the pictures. they def took the show. and while i was taking picutres pictures, i could have sworn sweeeny Sweeney was trying to look over my shoulder to see what picutres pictures i was taking. but that could have been paranoia. [Good Lord! Did he see The Secret Plans? -Ed.] either way, i talked to SWEATHEART after the show and brought up the possibility of doing an interview. they were all about it. then i started thinking on the ride home…..We should do Q and A interviews with local bands every week!!! it would be a GREAT way to localize phawker AND its a SURE FIRE way to turn Phawker into a household name. [By God! She’s right! We’ll make millions! -Ed.] I know im getting ahead of myself because at this point I don’t even have time to finish school work or shower on a daily basis for that matter, much less do weekly interviews. but its something i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do once I graduate…which is only 2 months away!! (I can’t wait to get the FUCK out of school. PHEW!) So, what do you think? Anyway, turns out Sweatheart has some HILARIOUSLY juvenile music videos up on youtube and i think you should add this one to the pictures to bring the whole thing together. watch it-its it’s pretty well made.

oh yeah. here is there their website.

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