HIZZONER ’07: Is Milton Street The Black Moses?

T. Milton Street, who hopes to replace his younger brother as mayor, offered an interesting political wager yesterday.

Street promised to drop out of the mayoral race if he fails to draw a minimum of 5,000blackmoses2.jpg supporters to a noon rally at City Hall on March 1.

“If they don’t show up, then I’m out,” Street said. “That’s the end of it. You don’t have to worry about me again. All right? OK?”

As Street called upon the city masses to rise up and join him, another mayoral candidate beseeched voters and television- news crews to ignore Street’s clown-like antics.

“[Street] is a bad joke,” said former Councilman Michael Nutter, one of five other Democrats seeking the mayor’s job.

Nutter called a news conference outside City Hall yesterday to denounce Street for “trying to turn a serious election campaign into a local, regional and, eventually, a national joke.”

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