GAMBLOR: Trump Super Pissed To Learn He Has No Real World Authority To Tell Rendell ‘You’re Fired!’

Donald Trump lost his bid to run a slots casino in Philadelphia because he flunked the first lesson of real estate – location. Trump picked the wrong one. He had wanted to build his $350 million trump.jpgTrumpStreet Casino complex in a struggling industrial neighborhood on the edge of North Philadelphia. But the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board concluded that was the wrong place for a casino, and said yesterday that was largely why it rejected Trump’s proposal in favor of two riverfront parcels. […]

Trump was unhappy.

“That was the governor’s decision, and he has to live with it,” Trump said yesterday of the two waterfront sites. “That’s how I feel about it. He has to live with it.” Rendell and the board insist the governor was not involved in the selection process.

One of Trump’s investors was Brian Tierney, publisher of The Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News and chief executive officer of Philadelphia Media Holdings.

Board members said that politics never played a part and that they didn’t discuss the licenses with politicians who appointed them. “Doing the right thing – that’s all we ever talked about,” said Sanford Rivers, one of three members of the seven-member board appointed by Rendell.

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