VOTE FOR VETS Tells Specter Talk Is Cheap

By KYW’s Mike DeNardo An Iraq veterans’ group is launching an ad campaign urging some Republican senators — including Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter — to support a resolution condemning a troop buildup in Iraq. “I cannot support sending additional troops to Iraq.” That’s Sen. Arlen Specter on Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” on CBS. But Jon Soltz, chair of the group called wants more. His group wants Specter to vote for a resolution condemning the buildup: “Arlen Specter is willing to say that he’s concerned about the president’s policies of escalation. But we don’t need talk, we need a vote.” Votevets is launching a TV campaign on Thursday, featuring a vet (below) whose hand was amputated: “On the other hand, there’s George Bush, who supports escalation.” The group is targeting Republican senators who haven’t said how they would vote on the resolution. The cable TV ads begin running on Thursday.

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