BREAKING: Philebrity Smells FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET In Bob Brady YouTube, We Do Too

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Watch it for a few minutes, and you begin to feel something weird; set to DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat,” the clip ruminates on a clip of Chaka Fattah speaking on the House floor, before moving to stock footage of young black men dancing in the street, then Mayor Street, then, absurdly, Mumia Abu-Jamal and stills from pro-Mumia rallies. Suddenly, Bob Brady’s face appears on the screen. The montage continues, until just about the end, where a legend bears: “THIS MAY, DO THE RIGHT THING,” followed by a shot of a “Fattah For Mayor” placard with “Fattah” x’ed out in spray-paint, and amended: “Brady For Mayor.” Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s fucking weird.

PHILEBRITY: Well, Lookee, Lookee Here, Kingfish!
PREVIOUSLY: Rain Or SHINE, Big Bob Is In To Win

UPDATE: Well, that was fast. It’s already been pulled down, but Philebrity has it saved on their server. Proof it used to exist AND the song that started it all after da jump…brady-vid.jpg

DJ KOOL feat. BIZ MARKIE & DOUGIE FRESH (minus the Willie Horton-izing)

Also, this is the WORST video since Cher fucked a battleship, but this live version is the fuggin’ bomb

(If memory serves, it was the version used in the now infamous but MIA Brady vid.)

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