Some Ass Clown Punks Da Mayor On Wikipedia

According to the online encyclopedia – which has a well-earned checkered reputation as both an everyman’s Britannica and a site where bias, slander and outright untruths reign – Mayor Streetbozo3.jpg once played Bozo the Clown.

Wikipedia’s bio on the mayor included: “At the same time that Street practiced law, he also began a media career in Philadelphia. Street worked for television station WPSG-TV and, for a four-year period, he played the character Bozo the Clown on Philadelphia’s Bozo the Clown children’s television show. When Street ran for Philadelphia City Council, he ceased his media career.”

“I’m sure that isn’t true,” said Joe Grace, Street’s spokesman. “Wikipedia has had many problems with people sabotaging other people’s Web sites.”

Founded in 2001, Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that allows most anyone to create and edit its content, which means it can change daily. Sure enough, hours after we talked to Grace, the mayor’s bio had been changed.

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