ALMOST FAMOUS: ‘F*CK Da Eagles’ Chick’s 15 Minute Fame Clock Already Ticking

fuckdaeagles.jpgLOTS OF FANS responded to my request for alternate suggestions as to the story behind the young lady wearing the “(Bleep) Da Eagles” T-shirt on camera during the Fox telecast of Saturday’s game. Many were creative but unprintable.

The image and story behind it have taken on a life of their own, to the point where Maxim magazine is looking for the woman for a possible photo spread. (With actual winged, feathered, strategically placed eagles, one would hope… maybe they can borrow the one Stephen Colbert uses in the opening to his show.)

— Reader Mitch Gerhart feels there is a language- based misunderstanding, that “Fuck Da Eagles” is actually Cajun for “John 3:16.”

DAILY NEWS: Stay Classy New Orleans

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