2nd City Hall Break-In, Intruders Rifle Thru Supreme Court Files, Leave Behind Inspirational Messages, Smiley Faces, “i”s Dotted With Little Hearts, Etc.

For the second time in less than a week, an apparent break-in has been discovered at Philadelphia City Hall.

On Sunday, the glass pane of an office door leading to the fourth-floor office of the City Councilcityhall3.jpg president was found smashed (see related story).

Then, on Tuesday morning, workers found that an exterior window in the offices of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in City Hall had been smashed and the offices left in disarray.

There is scaffolding outside the south side of City Hall reaching up to the fourth floor, and officials think someone got access to that scaffolding by hopping a fence and broke in by smashing the glass.

Members of the police department’s crime scene unit found that desks and cabinets had apparently been rifled; cabinet doors and desk drawers were left open, although investigators say the offices were not ransacked.

According to one source, several messages referencing God and the Bible were scrawled on numerous papers left strewn around the offices.

KYW: Just A ‘Third Rate Burglary’?
PREVIOUSLY: “[Councilwoman] Verna has in the past voiced concern about having more officers patrol the corridors in off-hours. Right now you need to sign in to enter the building on the weekend, but a plan to require badges has not yet begun. A Street administration spokesman says that plan will be operational in the next two months.”

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