Stephen A. Smith Please Phone Home…Pretty Please?

Friday night was the last episode of “Quite Frankly,” the weeknight ESPN2 show hosted by Inqwaster‘s Stephen A. Smith. The station canceled the show, and on his ESPN Radio show Friday, Smith said he accepts blame for the ratings being lackluster.

stephenasmith.jpgAccording to the sports network, Smith will continue to play a large role for ESPN/ESPN2.

“The other things he does for us are going to increase,” an ESPN spokesman said Friday night. He added that Smith will be seen on air “as much or more than ever.”

However, Smith’s comments to on Friday, suggest he is leaving the sports network.

Smith said doing a new show on ESPN2 was a tremendous challenge, but he’s proud of what he and his staff accomplished. Smith wrote: “Now I move on to future challenges – while enthusiastically embracing old ones like writing for the Inquirer on a more frequent basis.”

Smith did not respond to our e-mails seeking comment.

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