GAMBLOR: Will Philly Slot Shacks Have ‘Timeout Room’ For Sore Losers With Hunting Knives?

ATLANTIC CITY ? A Philadelphia man was arrested after allegedly stabbing a woman multiple times late Friday night outside the Tropicana Casino and Resort. A Tropicana doorman and a valet driver witnessed Christopher Barnes, 54, stabbing an unidentifiedstabbing.jpg female in the property’s South Tower drive-through shortly after 11 p.m, police said. The two men managed to pull Barnes off the victim and hand him off to casino security officers, who detained Barnes until police officers William Pollack and Keith Bennett arrived to take him into custody, police said.

Police found a hunting-style knife on the scene, which they believe was used in the attack. It is still unclear why Barnes allegedly attacked the woman.

The victim suffered multiple stab wounds to the upper back, chest and head, and was transported to the Trauma Unit at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, City Campus, police said. According to police, she was unable to speak at the time she was transported due to her injuries but is expected to recover.

ATLANTIC CITY PRESS: Stabbing Westward

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