SALTY DAWG: Captain Noah At Full Mast! Aye Aye!

Did anyone else hear Captain Noah — yes, that Captain Noah — on with Preston and Steve* this morning? Dearoldcaptainnoah Well, you missed a classic. Consider this an all-points bulletin for acapnoah.gif recording of the interview — if you’re a Philly-area kid who grew up sending your pictures to Dear Old Captain Noah (send them right away, do not delay!) — you need to get with this, though it may scar you for life.

Remember how, on the Magical Ark, the Captain would finish making a craft and then the garbage-eating hand puppet would come up and take away all the trash and paper scraps? Well, live on the radio this morning, the Captain said it was Mrs. Noah under the table working that puppet. And sometimes — according to the Captain — things would get a little boring under there, so Mrs. Noah would while away the time, uh, “singing a rainbow” on the Captain’s mizzen mast. To hear him tell it, the ol’ Captain had trouble concentrating on those crepe-paper flowers.

CITIZEN MOM: I Can Sing A Rainbow, I Can Sing A Rainbow, I Can Sing A Rainbow, Too

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