Freedom Of Information Act Forces Santa To Disclose NAUGHTY OR NICE List: Inky Prints The High Crimes And Misdemeanors Of Penn Teaching Faculty

Paul Mosher, former vice provost and director of libraries, admitted in 1993 2003 to having downloaded 5,000 pornographic images of children onto his computers.

Malcolm Woodfield, an English professor, ended up resigning in 1994 after being charged withnaughty_or_nice_400.jpg harassment for having sex with a female student.

Donald Patrick Ford, a psychiatric resident at the medical school, was sentenced in 2001 to five to 10 years in prison for killing his girlfriend’s baby by spiking the child’s infant formula with cocaine.

Tracy McIntosh, a preeminent brain-trauma researcher, was found guilty last year of sexually assaulting a graduate student who was the niece of his college roommate.

And former Wharton professor L. Scott Ward now faces 15 years for importing child pornography.

Besides professorial misconduct, the school also has endured reports of student misbehavior. In 2002, five undergraduates were charged with assaulting a Princeton University student who was visiting for a debate tournament.
“Human beings are human beings,” said Neil Jokelson, a Philadelphia lawyer. “It would be silly to conclude that [Penn’s] personnel, both academic and nonacademic staff, would be immune to social pathology.”

In 1993, Jokelson successfully defended Temple University professor Charles Bagley, who was accused of electrocuting his wife in a hot tub.

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