STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES: They Sell Dildos In California, Girl, Don’t They Warn Ya & Man It Pours

BY JOHN SHIFFMAN A Bryn Mawr College student wrongly jailed for three weeks on drug charges by Philadelphia police has settled her civil-rights case for $180,000. Janet H. Lee, now a senior, was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport in 2003 after screeners found three condoms filled with white powder in her carry-on and city police said field tests showed that the substances likely contained opium and cocaine.

Lee was held in lieu of $500,000 bond for 21 days, until further drug testing proved that her unlikely story – that the powder was just flour – was true. As part of an exam ritual in her dorm, Lee had filled the condoms with flour to make a phallic toy that freshmen squeezed to reduce stress. She had found it so funny that she had packed them to take home to California to show friends after exams.

INQUIRER: OK, OK, That’s Enough — Hey, The Poor Dear Was Falsely Imprisoned For Three Weeks, Have A Heart — The Question That Demands An Answer Is Why Tests Detected Opium In Flour Where Further Tests Proved There Was None AND Why Did Her Lawyer Settle For Peanuts?

[Artwork courtesy of Church Of the Subgenius]

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