INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Global Warming & Rampant Tooth Decay Puts Polar Bears On The Endangered List


REUTERS: White House Says Polar Bears Face Extinction From Global Warming, If It Exists, But The Rest Of Us Will Be Just Fine! So Have A Coke And A Smile!

RADIO TIMES: “Is global warming killing off the polar bears? We talk with KASSIE SIEGEL,
staff attorney and director of the Climate, Air, and Energy Program at the
Center for Biological Diversity. Her organization filed a petition that
has led to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to propose Federal
protection of the polar bears. We?ll also hear from KIM LANGEL, Vice
President of Conservation at the Philadelphia Zoo, on its funding of polar
bear climate research on Russia’s Wrangel Island.”
Listen to Thursday's show...

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