GUILD MEMO: 71 Inquirer Employees Given Pink Slips

By now you know the very sad news that the Company laid off 71 of our colleagues from thetierneyslist.jpg Philadelphia Inquirer newsroom earlier today.The Company met with most of the victims of its layoff. Those who were laid off also met with consultants who described their pension and health benefits as well as a job counseling service hired by the company. In the immediate future the Guild is seeking more people who will volunteer to be laid off. Volunteers who are accepted by the Company are entitled to full severance, accrued vacation and personal and holiday time. Their health coverage remains in effect until the end of the month. A handful of volunteers have come forward, but if you’re thinking about it – please contact the Guild office at 215-928-0118. Volunteers should come forward as quickly as possible. You will be given some time to change your minds.There are many unanswered questions about this layoff process and it appears that some of the company?s information about hire dates and job categories don’t jive with the Guild?s records. We are seeking to verify that information, and plan to meet with the company on Friday to discuss bumping and other outstanding issues. Many of you have questions about this, as do we, so please forward them to the union via e-mail at

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