SMELLS LIKE DEMOCRACY: DiCicco Calls For Six Month Hold ‘Em On Slots, Wants To Re-Shuffle Deck And Deal Public Into The Game

PENNSYLVANIA ? As reported by the Philadelphia Daily News: “With four of the potential casino locations ingambler.JPG his district, Councilman Frank DiCicco yesterday urged the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to postpone for six months the selection next Wednesday of the two winning applicants.

“Though DiCicco had hoped for plenty of support from the city’s legislative delegation to Harrisburg, he got only incoming freshman state Rep. Michael O’Brien and Councilman Darrell Clarke to stand with him in South Philadelphia near the proposed Foxwoods Casino.

“?With a six-month delay, the board could gather more public input on the casino operators’ evolving plans, he said, noting that public comment ended June 2 and that all the casino applicants have revised their plans since then?”

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