PEEPLE: Did Allentown Sorority Sister Break-Up Vince And Jenn, AKA Vennifer of Vaughistan?

Hollywood starwatchers are still abuzz with news of actress Jennifer Aniston’s recent breakup with movie star Vince Vaughn. One thing missing in the gossip columns, however, is a completemallory.jpg explanation for the sudden split.

Now, it seems at least part of the answer may have its roots in the Lehigh Valley.

Star Magazine’s discovery of 2004 Parkland High School grad Laura Mallory Lane’s dreamy post on her Web site alluding to “messing around” with Vaughn in his Budapest hotel room has started a cascade of speculation about the blonde Trinity University student’s involvement with Vince, and whether she is responsible for the most recent spate of “upset Aniston” pictures seen on tabloid covers in grocery stores everywhere.
According to Star, Lane, who was studying abroad, met Vaughn at a restaurant while she was on holiday in Budapest. Vaughn, who is making a movie in London, had decided to go to Budapest over Thanksgiving instead of flying to Los Angeles to be with Aniston.

What happened next, according to the e-mail ? titled ”I shacked with Vince Vaughn” and now posted on the Internet ? is the stuff of many young girls’ dreams:

”?the next thing I know it was me and Vince Vaughn alone in the hotel room. For a while we just had a drink and talked more (and yes, we talked about Jen) and one thing led to another and obviously we were messing around before too long. We didn’t have sex, but it was just as good. Afterward we just laid in his gigantic beautiful bed with satin sheets, smoking cigarettes and talking about life.”

vince-vaughn-entertainment-weekly.jpg It was the timing of the e-mail that also fueled the fire. Representatives of Vaughn and Aniston, who dated since they co-starred in the summer hit ”The Break-Up,” announced just Tuesday that the couple had ended their relationship.
The San Antonio Express-News posted a story early this morning on its Web site ( including a photo of what appears to be Lane’s Parkland High School senior yearbook portrait.

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UPDATE: “I stand by my belief that while I may have made an error in judgment, I did nothing to deliberately hurt anyone else, and acted as many young women in my position would. I spent time with a person of celebrity status, and chose to share it with a few close friends,” ON THE INTERNET
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