TROUBLE IN ‘RIVER CITY’: Logan Square Neighbors Underwhelmed By Plan To Build ‘Colossal’ $3.5 Billion 60-Story Mansions In The Sky

chinamodern.jpgIts developers call it “Philadelphia River City” — a colossal $3.5 billion project that would remake northwest Center City along the Schuylkill with 12 million square feet of residential, commercial and office space in a series of 10 towers that would dwarf anything in the neighborhood. [NOT pictured, left, that’s actually circa now China] But reaction was decidedly cool this week at a crowded Logan Square Neighborhood Association meeting to the plan floated by World Acquisition Partners’ President Ravi Chawla and a team that includes Daroff Design architects. According to Logan Square president Rob Stuart, Chawla sought the association’s support of a height exception that would let their towers soar 60 stories — close to 1,000 feet, eight times the permitted height — above the 8.2-acre site. Stuart said there was “no support” among the 200 people who attended the meeting Tuesday night at Academy of Natural Sciences for any exception to a proposed 125-foot height limit for that section of Center City.

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