GUNCRAZY: From The Dept. Of Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Boy Shot In Groin Outside North Philly Theater

A 16-year-old male was shot in the groin on Wednesday outside of a North Philadelphia movie theater.The shooting occurred outside the Pearl Movie Theatre, located at Oxford and Carlisle streets, next to Temple University’s campus.The boy was reported to be in critical condition.There was no information as to a possible suspect or a motive. NBC10 News reported that the weapon used in the shooting was a Tech-9 semi-automatic pistol.

NBC10: Can’t Help Feeling That ALL Of North Philly Was Let Down Tonight

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6ABC: “Mayor John Street summed up a lot of people’s amazement, saying, ‘there was a time when people thought you couldn’t have a theater complex in North Philadelphia like the one we’re in right now.'”

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