Puff The Magic of The LUCKY DRAGONS


NOW PLAYING ON PHAWKER RADIO: Windows by The Lucky Dragons
To be honest, we don’t know shit about these guys. Walk into AKA Music the other day and these sounds — sounds we had never heard before — are quietly fragmenting and recombining into new fractals in the background. It seems to be annoying most people in the store but we like it. A lot. What is this? we ask the clerk sitting at the register, poring over his Nancy comic. Without looking up, he just grunts something that later we figured out to be: “It’s Windows, the new album by Lucky Dragons.” We also thought we heard him say someone in the groop is from Philadelphia. We wanted ask him who, but that’s the most we’ve EVER gotten out him, so we don’t push it. We buy it instead. And it was good.

Let’s just check out their so-called web page. There’s this short documentary and…Hmmm…

…formed in 1999. This is the band that never breaks up: The cut and paste digital derivative of musique concrete, melodic memory, splintery soft glitches, anxious dada, dirty indie, beautytronics.luckydragonswidows.jpg Lucky dragons is Luke Fischbeck, who edits it like a magazine to make sure it stays going. There are so many others to share the light, though: singing, drawing, dancing, touching, plucking and spinning or sewing with sound files or just listening really well. We are a diy sound branding and sound breaking collective. Records are densely knit collages of ecstatic language, folk melodies, and AM radio rave ups. Live shows are convulsive celebrations of sounds from hard drives and gentle skin contact. Our aesthetic is handmade. Contributing members currently live in Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, coastal Southern California and New York City.

Actually, we’d rather not know. We’d rather imagine it’s some long forgotten Philadelphian, possibly a fallen sports hero or a newscaster with a bizarre rumor attached to his name, you know, the very LAST person you’d expect involved in music like this. Our guess is either Jim McMahon or Jerry Penacoli.

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