HOLLA: Mr. Lif Literally On Fire After Tour Bus Crash Fux His Shit Up, ‘Everybody Essentially OK’ Sez Label

THE WOOK REPORTS: In the annals of hip-hop conspiracy theories, I guarantee this brush with def will force The Coup and Fishtown’s Mr. Lif to check themselves twice before they wiggity-wreck themselves for reals. I also theorize that this was due to interference from The Man, i.e. the same dark forces that found Robert Van Winkle, killed Tupac, and made Flavor Flav a reality television star. From CMJ:

About an hour after their departure from San Diego, the tour bus carrying Mr. Lif, the Coup, DJ Big Wiz, Metro and friends tumbled across the highway and burst into flames. According to a statement on the Definitive Jux website, the hip-hop troubadours and their tour buddies have suffered injuries, butmr-lif.jpg astonishingly, everyone aboard is “essentially OK.”

DJ Big Wiz, SILK-E of the Coup and their friend/merch man Zarha were the most seriously injured by the crash. Each of them is receiving proper care and beginning recovery. The rest of the crew escaped from the bus “battered, but relatively unscathed.”

The tour bus and everything inside was destroyed during the fire. Though they have not made an official announcement, Def Jux has indicated that at least the majority of the remaining dates will be canceled due to the unfortunate accident.

I guess that means the R5 show on the 19th is close to falling off the radar. But in all seriousness, from the bottom of my heart to the tip of the tongue, I’m glad everyone’s cool. For the record, both “Pick a Bigger Weapon” and “Mo Mega” are two of ’06’s bestest discs. Get spinning, my people’s people.

CMJ: Oh Shit!

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