GUNCRAZY: Pennsyltucky Councilman Wants A Gun In Every Home, As Final Bulwark Of Homeland Security

Cherry Tree is as small-town as it gets, with one blink-and-you’ll-miss-itgun_crazy2.jpg intersection, about 100 families spread across the Susquehanna River valley, and virtually no crime.
Which is why many folks are mystified about why a councilman wants all homeowners in this peaceful, rural nook of Western Pennsylvania to be armed and ready to defend themselves.

His proposed civil protection ordinance, which urges residents to get a gun and learn how to shoot it, will be discussed tonight at a meeting of the Cherry Tree Town Council. The measure would make firearm instruction available at the Borough Hall.

“I don’t remember ever hearing about a burglary or murder,” Councilman Drax Felton said.

But to Henry Statkowski, the retired Army master sergeant behind the idea, it’s this simple: Homeland security begins at home.

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