GLUCIFER: Dodgy Looking Bovine Seen Grazing Near Rittenhouse On Black Friday

Glue-filled locks on Walnut Street

A sticky surprise for some retailers

A vandal apparently seeking to make the annual Black Friday shopping blitz a little bit crazier for retailers in oneelmers.jpgWhen the retailers arrived to open their stores early yesterday morning in the 1400, 1500 and 1600 blocks of Walnut Street, they found their keys would not work.

Sixteen businesses were hit, Philadelphia police said, with about $200 in damage at each. The vandalism occurred between the close of business Wednesday and Thursday morning, they said.


Another store got surveillance video of a suspect, a man who stood in front of the store and smoked a cigarette after applying the glue about 2 a.m., she said. A call to that store was not returned yesterday.

[…] Other stores that were hit, according to police, include: United Colors of Benneton, Club Monaco, Bebe, Jack Kellmer Co., Brooks Bros., Lush Cosmetics, Kenneth Cole, Puma, Cole Haan, Joan Shepp Boutique, Waterworks, BCBG, and Stiletto shoes.

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