PEEPLE: Fear Not Celebrity Rubberneckers, Britney’s Pre-Nup Is Tighter Than A Nun’s C**T

The pre-nup

In the document referred to as the Smith and Jones Cohabitation/Prenuptial Agreement, Britney and her husband agree to each have a one-half share of their $5.2 million home inbritbike2.jpg Malibu.

The agreement bans Federline for getting his hands on any of the money Britney made before their marriage or any money she makes from pre-existing deals and contracts during their marriage.

Any gift worth more than $5,263 requires a legal document signed between the couple stating who will own it if they split. If there is no legal document, Federline will be forced to hand back gifts from Britney such as his Harley Davidson motorcycle and his Ferrari.

An early draft of the pre-nup puts a cap on spousal support at $18,947 per year of marriage. This was later amended to $157,894, though legal jargon effectively means he gets this for every TWO years of marriage. Each is banned from writing books or giving interviews about their relationship without the other’s prior consent.

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