TRIBUTE: Ed Bradley, 215 Homeboy & GREAT AMERICAN JOURNALIST, Good Night And Good Luck, Sir!

Larry Mendte reports for Phawker CBS:

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Over the years, Ed Bradley has won almost every major award inedrip.jpg journalism, many, more than once. He began his award winning career right here in Philadelphia.

Ed Bradley went from our hometown to all over the world; Russia, Cambodia, Washington.

He grew up here in West Philadelphia. He started a teaching career, but also interned at WDAS radio.

“I hung around the station and if Georgie Woods wanted sandwiches, I went to fetch them. I got albums for Del Shields and I just sat and watched and listened,” said the late Ed Bradley.

When riots broke out in Philadelphia, Bradley ended up reporting.

“So I’m doing these reports on the radio for WDAS and they’re being fed to N.Y. to WNEW and I’m on the air as a reporter and I loved it. And after that the station decided to employ me,” said Bradley.

Bradley became a radio reporter for WCBS and went on to the network.

edbradley.jpeg“Tonight we move north to my old hometown, Philadelphia,” said Bradley.

Bradley reported for CBS news and of course, 60 Minutes. He had recently begun his 26th year on 60 minutes.

Bradley has interviewed the famous, like Bob Dylan, Lena Horne, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, and George Burns.


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