NOW PLAYING: The NEW IMPROVED Phawker Radio Winter Folk Companion, Scarf Still Not Included, But Now With Even MORE, um, Folkiness! Yum-Yum!


Finally got our folk music editor off his lazy frog ass and made him do some work. His full name is Arlo Richelieu Prick, he’s French of course, but we don’t hold it against him. Besides he knows wine and how not to look like a complete ass in a beret. Says things like: If it’s not folk it’s, howyousay, SHEEEEET! And we’re like yeah, you tell ’em Pepe Le Pew, but what are you gonna do about it? Eat quiche? You know, between you and the rock critic we just hired who only writes in Italian, we are really beginning to re-think the usefulness of all this ‘diversity.’ How about you put down the Gitane for a minute, you cheese eatin’ surrender monkey trusted ally, and whip us up a little folk sampler on your faggety stylishly-small iPod mini? And voila, The Phawker Radio Winter Folk Companion. Remember, he’s parle vous Frances so his notion of folk is a little, howyousay, louche? Enjoy, we do.

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