Just Because It’s LIVE Doesn’t Mean It Happened: CNN CENSORS Bill Maher Outing RNC Chair Ken Mehlman

Partial transcript of Bill Maher‘s Live appearance on Larry King Live:gaymafia.JPG

BM: A lot of the chiefs of staff, the people who really run the underpinnings of the Republican Party, are gay. I don’t want to mention names, but I will Friday night…

LK:You will Friday night?

BM: Well, there’s a couple of big people who I think everyone in Washington knows who run the Republican…

LK: You will name them?

BM: Well, I wouldn’t be the first. I’d get sued if I was the first. Ken Mehlman. Ok, there’s one I think people have talked about. I don’t think he’s denied it when he’s been, people have suggested, he doesn’t say…

LK: I never heard that. I’m walking around in a fog. I never…Ken Mehlman? I never heard that. But the question is…

BM: Maybe you don’t go to the same bathhouse I do, Larry.

When CNN re-aired the interview later that night, they edited out Larry King and Bill Maher’s discussion of Mehlman’s potential homosexuality. Watch the censored clip and read the censored transcript HERE

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