Announced just minutes ago in a newsroom meeting at 400 North Broad. Also, Inquirer Editorial Page Editor Chris Satullo now to report directly to publisher Brian Tierney. More details as they come in. In the meantime, here’s Marimow’s CV:

Bill Marimow is NPR?s ombudsman, a position he assumed in October 2006.

Before joining NPR in May 2004, Marimow had worked in newspapers for the previous 34 years. He was editor of The Baltimore Sun for four years, beginning in 2000, and managing editor for six years before that. During his years at The Sun, the newspaper received Pulitzer Prizes forbmarimow.jpg feature writing, investigative reporting and beat reporting.

Marimow also spent 21 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he was a reporter for 15 years — from 1972 to 1987 — and later served as New Jersey editor, city editor and assistant to the publisher.

As a reporter, Marimow and a partner wrote the stories which received the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished public service in 1978. Those stories revealed how Philadelphia police detectives were beating suspects and witnesses in order to secure confessions. In one case, The Inquirer‘s stories led to the indictments in U. S. District Court of six Philadelphia homicide detectives, whose investigation resulted in the conviction of an innocent man, Robert “Reds” Wilkinson. Wilkinson was released from jail, and the six detectives all served prison sentences.

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In 1985, Marimow received a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting for stories describing how a small group of K-9 officers in Philadelphia were ordering their police dogs to attack innocent, unarmed men and women. At NPR, he was part of a team that produced an investigative story in 2004 on how guards in New Jersey state prisons were assaulting detainees and using their dogs to attack them. The story received a Robert F. Kennedy award for radio reporting and an award for Investigative Reporters & Editors for the best investigative reporting in radio in the nation.

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