IN OTHER WAR NEWS: Drug War Still Goin’ Great Guns; 25 lbs. of Mary Jane Misdelivered To Frankford K-Mart Leads To Arrest of 15-Year-Old In Pharr, TX; Oddly They Not Only Know This In Wichita Falls But, Like, They Care

Philly police get blue green light special drug bust

PHILADELPHIA — A 25-pound package of marijuana mistakenly delivered to a Kmart store has led police to an allegedkmartlogo.jpg drug packaging operation. Police received a call Saturday that employees at a Kmart in Philadelphia’s Frankford neighborhood had accidentally received a package from the South Texas border town of Pharr.Officer Steve Wallace says an employee opened the package and realized it was actually marijuana. Police say they delivered the misdirected mail to the 36-year-old addressee, who signed for the package and was arrested.Authorities say another person then picked up the package and took it to a home nearby. Investigators say they then found marijuana, cocaine, PCP and heroin. Police say a 15-year-old boy also was arrested inside the home.

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