NPR For The Deaf: We Hear It Even When You Can’t

I guess the one big difference between US and THEM is that THEY put as much effort into disenfranchising voters (READ BLACK PEOPLE) and literally sabotaging democracy as they do turning out the freak scene that is THE BASE. Curious how they never get blamed for the the skidmarked pair of Karl Rove’s tighty-whiteys (PICTURED, below) they pull over the electorate’s eyes every election. Who’s fault is that, hmm?jeffco2004.gif (READ SERVILE PRESS) And if we’re gonna rerun Bush Vs. Kerry, let’s go all the way and open up the still-wiggling can of worms that is Ohio 2004. Ten soldiers and Nixon comin’ we’re finally on our own. Sorry. Anyway, sounds like some or all of this might be addressed on Fresh Air today:

Election reform expert Dan Seligson is the editor of, a nonpartisan and non-advocacy organization that tracks and analyzes election reform issues. The site is a venture of the Election Reform Information Project.

NAACP officers Marvin “Doc” Cheatham and Rev. Nelson B. Rivers, III, talk about manipulation of African-American voters, and the efforts they are making to change the voting landscape. Cheatham is the seventh president of the NAACP Baltimore city branch, and an election specialist. He’s also the founder and chairman of the Maryland Voting Rights Restoration Coalition. Rivers is CEO of the NAACP.
Fresh Air: Also, Don Byron


*Election Day in 2004 was actually on November 3rd