Project S.M.E.R.C. or Wiping The Smirk Off Smerconish With The Dirty Rag Of Truth #2

Like the War On Christmas, the War on Halloween is another Red State canard. Repeat: IT DON’T EXIST.unclefester.gif Are you listening, Uncle Fester? Sure, it’s not that big of a deal, but if you give these people an inch they’ll take Iraq. Seriously, if you don’t call ’em on it the next thing you know Santorum is equating it with man-on-my-pet-goat marriage. Check this bulk email invite to Michael Smerconish‘s…wait for it…Un-PC Halloween Party:

A few years ago, a letter came home from one of my kids’ schools saying that for Halloween, please dress the children up like someone from another country.

Huh? A PC Halloween? It’s the October version of a Holiday Tree!

Liberals ruining Halloween with their oversensitive, blame-white-America-first holiday deafeatism? GoDAMN them! EXCEPT…it’s not even true. The only people that are in a War Against Halloween is the Christo-Fascists we call the lunatic fringe and you call The Base, Michael. Look, a quick GOOGLE of “Against Halloween” turns up no discernible liberal animus towards the holiday, but there is PLENTY of Christian wack-jobs convinced that kids dressing up like ghosts and goblins and eating candy plays into the idle hands of THE DEVIL’S PLAYTHING. But wait, there is one listing here for PC Halloween…let’s just click on it…stupid Internet be more faster! There, that worked…well, lookee here, it’s not a Liberal or PC Police site at all, rather it’s FREEPER-friendly right wingnut blog that parrots the Liberal War On Halloween fallacy and to prove its point, it quotes from a story in the Boston Globe that’s ACTUALLY ABOUT CHRISTIAN WACKADOOS AGAINST HALLOWEEN and nowhere in the story in their a single mention of the dreaded Political Correctness boogie man. Michael Smerconish, we demand that you take this one back. And seeing as how we are still waiting on a response to our email of June 13th, we’ll just add it to The List. But one day soon, Michael, we will be bringing this List to you in person.

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Smerconish Responds:

Subject: Tivo Alert
Date: November 1, 2006 12:05:47 PM EST

Michael is scheduled to return to the NBC Today Show tomorrow (Thursday), morning at 7:10am, while remaining on the air on the Big Talker, 1210AM.

Wadda douche!