NOW PLAYING: Is That The Surrealistic Pillow-Folk & Dope-Rock Ragas of El Goodo On Phawker Radio? Well, TURN IT UP, man!

el-goodouse-this.jpgHey kids, hope you dug the Lupe Fiasco, we kept it up a little longer than planned because we love you — and also we just now figured out how to do the upload music to the blog thingee with the tubes and wires and the sparks and the smoke coming out. We may not be the brightest and we may not be the best, but by god, we are the surest. About everything! That’s one of our many mottos, PHAWKER: WE’RE SURE. Anyway, wanna tip you off to the new tuneage on Phawker Radio. (Click here for user’s manual) We are proud to present, all the way from South Walian, um, Wales, El Goodo. Who are. Good that is, if you like: Spaceman 3, VU, MBV, JAMC, The Turtles and The Monkees. But only if. And if you don’t like those groups we genuinely feel sorry for you, almost the same feeling we get when we see those C.A.R.E. commercials with the little kids with swollen bellies and flies all over their faces. Almost. Released last week on Super Furry Animals’ Placid Casual imprint, we give you the self-titled debut by the band whose name when translated out of Welsh and into English means: The Good. Somehow it looks cooler in Welsh, tho. Oh well, enjoy. We do.