The Banality of Evil: Two Pickets To Tittsburg, Please

siennaWhy do you people give a shit about celebrities? Maybe it’s because we’ve met a few, but we could NOT care less. Unless it has to do with Lindsay Lohan. But that’s different. Anyway, the blog consultant we hired was very clear: if we have any prayer of ever getting women and gay men to read this thing, we better have some celeb shit. Christ, the things we do for you people. Okay, I don’t know if everybody else has already weighed in on this but it’s all we got today. Besides, who covers Pittsburgh? Well, we do. Have you been following the slo-mo meltdown of Sienna Miller?

Penny Folino, the owner of Young’s Tavern, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that after bouncers turned her away, the 24-year-old actress “ripped off her hat and said, ‘I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!’ That’s what she did. She was basically throwing a temper tantrum.”

The bar’s bouncer, Dan Kovac, told the paper that Miller, who was with her father and stepmother, then snuck into the bar through a different entrance. He approached the group and escorted them out. “She was going crazy out there, stomping her feet, walking up and down the street,” he told the newspaper.

However, Miller disputes the account. “These people are utter fantasists,” her London rep, Ciara Parkes, tells PEOPLE. “We have 10 witnesses, including local Pittsburgh people, who can vouch that Sienna never reacted this way and left the bar quietly. It is utter rubbish.”

Good lord, this almost rises above its own insignificance after the jump. Almost

Through Parkes, Miller, who is in the Pennsylvania city filming The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, issued a statement denying she “in any way acted in an inappropriate manner.

“I was asked to provide ID and since I didn’t have any with me, I was told I couldn’t be served and asked to leave. I had no problem with this and my family and I left calmly without any further exchange of words,” the actress says.

Jeebus, it’s only a matter of time before a mob of torch-wieldiing villagers runs her out of town or burns her to the ground. Still not sure which is more desirable.

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