WORLD SERIES: Bensalem Woman Arrested For Offering To Trade Sex For Series Tickets

INQUIRER: Bensalem police said they arrested a Philadelphia woman Tuesday after she offered to perform various sex acts to an undercover officer in exchange for tickets. According to police, Susan Finkelstein, 43, posted an ad on Craigslist that read:  “DESPERATE BLONDE NEEDS WS TIX (Philadelphia) “Diehard Phillies fan—gorgeous tall buxom blonde—in desperate need of two World Series Tickets. Price negotiable— I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!” An undercover officer responded to the ad, police said, and arrested Finkelstein after she made her offer. MORE PHAWKER: This is the best use of severely limited police resources? Really? […]

PREDICTION: And The Winner Is…Not Us

[Photo by KILLADEFIA] BY MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY I nailed the playoffs last year. Picked the winners all the way through before it started and hit 6 out of 7 series. Correctly had the Phillies over the Rays in the World Series before a single playoff pitch was thrown. What I’m saying is…if only 1 of these 7 predictions pan out, I’m still batting .500 over the last two years. Here we go. Division Series (Best of Five)   Yankees over Twins/Tigers. The winner of today’s one-game playoff between the Twins and Tigers will have some momentum, after all they’ve […]