TOUGH NUT TO CRACK: Harshbarger Report Clears ACORN Of Illegality In ‘Pimp & Hooker’ Gotcha Videos

SEIU: Today, former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger released his report on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN) following an independent and aggressive review of the organization. Mr. Harshbarger deserves thanks for not only having the ability to see past the sensationalized headlines, but for recognizing and reporting on the steps that ACORN had already taken to address management weaknesses it had identified earlier. It is striking that despite the news coverage, Mr. Harshbarger found no pattern of illegal conduct by the staff of ACORN targeted in the ‘sting’ operation, even in cases that looked clear cut from […]

BIMBO ERUPTIONS: It’s Raining Other Women

Not the alleged Tiger Woods smackdown but an incredible animated simulation courtesy of, of all places, a Chinese newscast. NEW YORK POST: At least two more buxom beauties claim to have had torrid affairs with embattled superstar golfer Tiger Woods — including one whom he bombarded with more than 300 text messages and warned last week that his wife was getting suspicious, according to Post sources and two bombshell reports. MORE RADAR: More women have come forward claiming that they’ve had affairs with the golf superstar, as was first to report on Tuesday. Jaimee Grubbs [PICTURED, LEFT], the latest […]

SHOCKER: Letterman Foils $2 Million Extortion Plot, Acknowledges Having Sex With Female Staffers

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Talk host David Letterman said Thursday that he was the victim of a $2-million extortion attempt related to his sexual relationships with staffers on CBS’ “The Late Show.” During a taping for tonight’s broadcast, Letterman told viewers that three weeks ago he was approached by a person who claimed to have information about the host’s affairs with female staff members. This person, Letterman said, threatened to expose the relationships unless payment of $2 million was received. The CBS star approached the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which began an investigation that culminated in today’s arrest of the person, whom Letterman […]

Videotape The Israeli Army Doesn’t Want You To See

Facts4idfnadesk: From the CBC Website * THEY WOULD VASTLY PREFER YOU TO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS FOOL INSTEAD: SDEROT, Israel — Joe the Plumber has set aside his wrenches to become a rookie war correspondent, covering Israel’s side of its two-week-old military offensive in Gaza. The Ohio man, who rocketed to fame during the U.S. presidential campaign for asking Barack Obama about his tax plan, was in the southern Israeli town of Sderot on Sunday to tell readers of the conservative Web site about the rockets that rain down from the neighboring Gaza Strip. The people of Sderot “can’t […]