UPDATE: Soon-To-Publish Philly Mag Story Rumored To Dispel Talk Of Rendell Hanky Panky, Not Confirm It

As we reported last week, the new issue of Philadelphia Magazine, which comes out tomorrow, will feature a juicy story about governor Ed Rendell’s alleged extramarital affairs, but it may not be what you think. The latest buzz is that the story will actually quash rumors of infidelity, not foment them. PREVIOUSLY: We have been hearing talk that the July issue of Philadelphia Magazine, which hits newsstands next Friday, will feature a story about the extramarital affairs of Governor Ed Rendell. We called up Philly Mag Editor Larry Platt and asked him to confirm or deny and he said the […]

NEW CLUES: Like A Low Carb Diet Of The Truth

Guv Goes On Diet, Loses 40 Pounds; Cheesesteak Industry Devastated Ed Rendell, the unabashed indulger in all things greasy, has not had so much as a bite of a cheesesteak in two months. He’s given up sweets, too, including his favorite dessert, Starbucks coffee ice cream. Not a spoonful, as hard as that might be to believe. It shows. The once-rotund governor has shed nearly 40 pounds since reaching an all-time high in the spring of 265 pounds. His secret? “I literally eat half of what I used to,” Rendell said yesterday at the governor’s mansion. “I am now a […]