THE PEOPLE HAVE TOKEN: More Coloradans Voted To Legalize Marijuana Than Voted For The President

Just sayin’. NPR: Parts of new laws in Colorado and Washington that legalize small amounts of recreational marijuana will take effect early next month. The Obama administration needs to choose whether it will sue to stop the legislation or let those states go their own way — even though the drug remains illegal under federal law. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, says the message he got from voters is unambiguous. “Our voters want marijuana to be regulated, like alcohol,” Hickenlooper said at a recent news conference. “That’s what they clearly said.” Hickenlooper has talked with the U.S. attorney general, […]

RAT FUCKING: State Department Fires Two For Unauthorized Snooping On Obama’s Passport File

MSNBC: Two contract employees of the State Department were fired and a third person was disciplined for inappropriately looking at Democratic Sen. Barack Obama’s passport file. Spokesman Sean McCormack Thursday night confirmed instances of what he called “imprudent curiosity” by the State Department employees. McCormack said the department itself detected the breaches, which occurred which occurred separately on Jan. 9, Feb. 21 and March 14. The three people who had access to Obama’s passport records were contract employees of the department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, NBC News reported. A senior official told NBC News there was “no political motivation” to […]