BLOODBATH: Hundreds Dead As Qaddafi’s Goon Squads Go House To House Hunting Protesters

[Photo by ENEMYKE] NEW YORK TIMES: Vowing to track down and kill protesters “house by house,” Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya tightened his grip on the capital, Tripoli, on Tuesday, but the eastern half of the country was slipping beyond his control. A bloody crackdown drove protesters from the streets of Tripoli, where residents described a state of terror. After a televised speech by Colonel Qaddafi, thousands of his supporters converged in the city’s central Green Square, wearing green bandannas and brandishing large machetes. Many loaded into trucks headed for the outlying areas of the city, where they occupied traffic […]

WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN: You’re Next Gadhafi!

BBC: Hundreds of people have clashed with police and pro-government supporters in the Libyan city of Benghazi, reports say. Eyewitnesses told the BBC the overnight unrest followed the arrest of an outspoken critic of the government. The lawyer was later said to have been released but the protests continued. Pro-democracy protests have swept through several Arab countries in recent weeks, forcing the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt from power. A call has been put out on the internet for protests across Libya on Thursday. There is no independent confirmation of the overnight protests in Benghazi, but eyewitnesses say that at […]