Antonio Rodriguez Confesses To Being The Strangler

INQUIRER: Antonio Rodriguez, the suspect in the murders of three women in Kensington, has confessed to the murders, police sources said today. Rodriguez, 22, gave a statement to police but has not been charged in the killings. Police arrested him Monday on outstanding bench warrants, hours after a DNA match in a database identified Rodriguez as the alleged strangler. MORE


BY JEFF DEENEY The media discussion of the Kensington Strangler has at this point strayed pretty far from the essential questions, so I would like to try to bring it back to center. When I say the discussion has strayed from the essential questions and has stopped really informing media consumers I would point to Dave Davies’s unfortunate interaction with Mayor Nutter on WHYY ┬álast week. The intent here isn’t to beat up on Dave, because I think nearly all agree that he’s about the best we have going in terms of Philly reporters. But the fact that even Dave […]