IN MEMORIAM: Jack Rose Tribute Album Drops

THRILL JOCKEY: Jack Rose was a masterful musician and even greater friend and supporter of the underground music community.  Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose is a massive and exceptional collection of heartfelt contributions from forty artists who were friends with Jack and/or inspired by his prodigious talents. Due to the running time in excess of six and a half hours, this collection is only available as a download. The downloaded file also features new original digital artwork from both Arik Roper and Alex Jako as well as a set of liner notes with […]

RIP: Jack Rose, Kensington Bluesman, Dead At 38

SPINNER: Jack Rose, a renowned Philadelphia-based acoustic guitarist, has died of a heart attack at 38, the Philadelphia Daily News reports. Rose was considered instrumental in bringing ragtime into the modern era and transforming it into something that was both referential and original. But as a self-taught player proficient on the guitar, including the 6-string, 12-string and lap steel, he brought a wide range of influences to his music. Explaining his process in a 2007 interview, Rose said his favorite music was “anything that’s pre 1942; Cajun, Country, Blues, Jazz all that stuff… that’s my favorite kind of music.” Rose […]