DEATH IN THE CLASSROOM: Phawker Interns Weigh In On Campus Shootings, Ben Carson, Self-Defense, Gun Control & Gun Madness

EDITOR’S NOTE: At one point in Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic, aging playboy oceanographer Steve Zissou, aka Bill Murray, asks aloud, “Do the interns get Glocks?” Not at Phawker, Steve. But they do get the microphone and a chance to voice their opinion from time to time — this being one of them. In the wake of the unspeakable slaughter of nine college students in Roseburg 12 days ago, and presidential candidate Ben Carson’s remark afterwards that the students should have rushed the gunman (“I wouldn’t have just stood there,” he said.), I asked the interns — Temple students one […]

Suicidal Gunman Kills 8 In X-Mas Mall Massacre

(CNN) — A gunman killed eight people and wounded five others Wednesday at the popular Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, before apparently turning the gun on himself, police said. “We do not believe that we have any other shooter,” said Sgt. Teresa Negron. Seven people died at the scene, and two — a man and a woman — died after reaching Creighton University Medical Center. Three of the wounded are in critical condition. The shootings began just before 2 p.m. at the Von Maur store inside the shopping complex.The gunman [NOT pictured, above] had a rifle, Negron said. After the […]