HOT DOC: David Chase’s Eulogy

  Dear Jimmy, You family asked me to speak at your service and I am so honored and touched. I’m also really scared and I say that because you of all people understand this, “I would like to run away and then call in four days from now from the beauty parlor. I want to do a good job because I love you and because you always did a good job. I think the deal is I’m supposed to speak about the actor artists work part of your life. Others will have spoken beautifully and magnificently about the other beautiful […]

HOT DOC: Farewell To Danny

This eulogy was delivered by Bruce Springsteen at Danny Federici‘s funeral on April 21 in Red Bank, New Jersey: FAREWELL TO DANNY Let me start with the stories. Back in the days of miracles, the frontier days when “Mad Dog” Lopez and his temper struck fear into the band, small club owners, innocent civilians and all women, children and small animals. Back in the days when you could still sign your life away on the hood of a parked car in New York City. Back shortly after a young red-headed accordionist struck gold on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour and […]