SPORTO: Father And Son Go To Union Game In Chester And Despite All Odds Have An Awesome Time

BY MIKE WOLVERTON  SPORTS GUY I’m pretty sure I’d never been to Chester before. But all good things must come to an end, so I went to see the Union open their new home park on Sunday. I took my son Torin, who’s almost five but not particularly into sports. He usually likes to root for the white team, which would prove impossible in this green-vs-blue matchup. We were running late due to the three-headed monster of: Stayed too long at the pool Dealing with young children Wife never fills the gas tank So we pulled into Chester about twenty […]


BY MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY The Union played a very fan-friendly game on Saturday night. If you are going to get tonked in a 10:30 PM start, you owe it to your fans to be put away early so they can get some sleep. The Union did their part by conceding inside the first minute in Los Angeles. The box score is a bit unkind to the Union, as it says Adolph DeLaGarza’s goal came in the zeroth minute, before the game began, when in fact it took LA 53 seconds to score. A second goal from a post-corner scramble […]

SPORTO: The State Of Our Union

BY MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY The Union had the edge in last night’s road game in Toronto until a double-flail in the 34th minute. Captain Danny Califf was red-carded, probably the silliest red card I’ve ever seen. He sent a soft backpass to goalie Chris Seitz, then tried to prevent the Toronto forward from pressuring the keeper by raising an arm to block him off. The Toronto player (de Guzman) flopped to the ground and out came the red card. The foul was elbowish (I just made that word up), and it was lazy. But there was no force behind […]