BEING THERE: Macca @ Citizens Bank Park

Photo by BEN PELTA-HELLER Rick Warren can suck it. If you want a congregation of people waiting to experience love and grace, Paul McCartney brings it like no other. When I was a kid, before I knew about drugs, I would listen to Best Of The Beatles on my Walkman CD player, and “Hello Goodbye” used to do it for me, let me tell you. At any rate, at a certain point, in college or whatever, it becomes clear that The Beatles are not cool, and Paul McCartney is the least cool Beatle. He’s the one who you would want […]


NASTY LITTLE MAN: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Paul McCartney will perform at FedExField — the home of the Washington Redskins — on Saturday, August 1. This concert event at FedExField marks the latest in a series of landmark performances that link the beloved Beatle with Washington D.C., beginning with The Beatles’ first concert on American soil in 1964 at the Washington Coliseum, and continuing with McCartney’s critically acclaimed appearances in the District over the past forty-five years. Full press release and ticket purchasing info after the jump…