Jihad Jane Pleads Not Guilty; Jihad Jamie Released

NEW YORK TIMES: Wearing a green jumpsuit and her hair in cornrows, Ms. LaRose [pictured, above], of Pennsburg, Pa., appeared in court to face a four-count indictment, including charges of conspiring with jihadist fighters and pledging to commit murder in the name of a Muslim holy war. If convicted, she would face a possible life sentence in prison and a $1 million fine. Federal officials said Ms. LaRose, who is white and has blond hair and green eyes, boasted to other jihadists that she could go anywhere undetected. In August, she traveled to Sweden carrying the American passport of her […]

JIHAD JAMIE: Second Blonde Blue-Eyed American Woman Implicated In Cartoonist Murder Plot

DENVER POST: A Leadville woman is in custody in Ireland, arrested as part of an investigation into a conspiracy to kill a Swedish cartoonist who made fun of the Prophet Mohammed, according to her family and Leadville police. Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, 31, was arrested Tuesday in Waterford, Ireland, the second American woman to be grabbed in an apparent plot to kill the Swede, who incited the Muslim community with anger after his parody cartoons. Paulin-Ramirez was traveling with her son, Christian, 6, who has not been heard from since his mother’s arrest on Tuesday. Paulin-Ramirez’s mother, Christine Holcomb, said Friday night […]

JIHAD JANE: Suburban Montco Housewife Arrested In Plot To Kill Swedish Cartoonist Who Offended Islam

ABC NEWS: A suburban Pennsylvania woman known by the alias “Jihad Jane” has been arrested and charged with trying to recruit Islamic fighters and for plotting to assassinate a Swedish cartoonist who made fun of the Prophet Mohammed, according to a federal indictment unsealed today. Colleen R. LaRose, 46, of Montgomery, Pa., described by neighbors as an average “housewife,” is better known to federal authorities as “Fatima Rose” or “Jihad Jane.” The indictment, obtained by ABC News, charges LaRose with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill in a foreign country. She is also accused of […]