SOURCE: Jay Reatard ‘Not Murdered At All’

[Illustration by ALEX FINE] PHAWKER: Just heard back from a trusted and informed source on the ground in Memphis who tells us the “Jay Reatard was murdered” meme is a dog that won’t hunt. It all started when the local Fox News affiliate blared the news that the homicide division of the Memphis police department was investigating Reatard’s death, failing to mention that that is standard procedure for all DOAs. Pitchfork picked it up and ran with it and it went semi-viral. The story has since been pulled from the Fox News affiliate’s web site, Pitchfork still has it up. […]

BREAKING: Michael Jackson Death Ruled Homicide

MSNBC: The Los Angeles County coroner ruled Michael Jackson’s death a homicide, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press on Monday. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the findings have not been publicly released. Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz confirmed that Dr. Murray is the target of a manslaughter probe. Meanwhile, a search warrant affidavit revealed that Jackson had lethal levels of the powerful anesthetic propofol in his system when he died in his rented Los Angeles mansion on June 25. MORE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP:  82 minutes. That’s how much time passed before anyone called 911 after Dr. Conrad […]