FACT: When The Pope Met Kim Davis Jesus Wept

Artwork via JEREMYBINNS.COM BY WARREN LIPKA As you may have heard, the pope met in secret with Kim Davis some time before he came to Philly.  Jesus H. Christ! That’s like the pope meeting with the bus driver that told Rosa Parks to stand up or get off the bus. What’s next, the pope met with George Zimmerman? We are not but three days out from all the peace, love and understanding of #popeadelphia and now I’m picturing Kim Davis, red-faced, crying her eyes out, mouth open fish-like, holding hands with the pope. Jesus Chysler! I just threw up in […]

Losing My Religion: Miss Cali Made Me An Atheist

The Donald, who we have long suspected is the Devil Himself, has decided to let Carrie I HATE FAGS Prejean keep her Miss California crown. Seeing as how beauty pageants are the lawn jockeys of NOW, and that Prejean is the living, breathing real-life version of Ricky Bobby’s wife in Talladega Nights, we can’t help but think that Carrie Prejean and Donald Trump deserve each other like mosquitos deserve malaria. Coming on the heels of telling Matt Lauer that her opposition to same-sex marriage is the ‘Biblically correct’ stance to take, Miss California further cheapens the Jesus Brand in this […]